DC Motors – Servo Motors

Peerless Electric Servo Motors offer customers a variety of choices in continuous torque ratings from 17 to 1920 inch pounds. Our motors are solidly built using a ferrite-oriented permanent magnet field design. These motors are your best choice for precise motion and positioning control.

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Peerless offers you a diverse selection of high performance DC servo motors incorporating the latest in design in ceramic, alnico, and rare earth permanent magnet materials. Included in this group are new, space saving, lightweight DC permanent magnet servo motors for transistor-type servo drives with torque ratings from 9’# – 2000’#. Our line of compact motors offers the high horsepower and wide speed variations that answer today’s need for precise RPM specifications with horsepower ratings from 2-10.

Available Specifications

  • FRAME SIZE 4: 8’# – 175’# torque ratings

  • FRAME SIZE 48: 26’# – 230’# torque ratings

  • FRAME SIZE 56: 65’# – 1165’# torque ratings

  • FRAME SIZE 210: 245’# – 1900’# torque ratings.

Industrial Applications:

  • Numerical Controlled Machine Tools

  • Antenna Drives

  • Contouring Systems

  • Computers

  • Military Fire Control Systems

  • Positioning Tables

  • Indexing Devices

  • Steel Mill Processing Lines