AC Motors – Polyphase

Peerless Electric designs 3-phase motors from 1/20 to 50 HP in various frame sizes from 4″ to 13.25″ diameter laminations. Our polyphase squirrel cage induction motors are designed for across the line or increment starting as required. This motor is extremely rugged and reliable, providing top performance for heavy-duty, continuous speed applications.

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We design our AC polyphase induction motors and motor parts for variable speed applications in conjunction with many SCR drives on the market today. Our polyphase motors vary in size from 1/20 to 50 horsepower, 690, 850, 1150, 1750, 3500 RPM. The polyphase squirrel cage induction motor can handle heavy-duty requirements. Its design can be varied to optimize and achieve various starting and operating characteristics.

Motor Modifications / Options Available:

  • UL Designs, CSA Designs & MSHA Mine Applications

  • Special Mounting Configurations (foot and/or flange, special shaft, etc.)

  • Standard “C” and “D” Mounting Flanges

  • Military Enclosures (open, open drip-proof, TENV, TEFC, TEXP, submersibles, etc.)

  • Lightweight Construction

  • High Shock Construction

  • High Torque to Inertia Ratio

  • Speed Torque Curve to fit application desired

  • Special Alloy Castings

  • Low Inertia Rotor

  • Super Quiet Operation

  • Special Frequency 25, 400 Hz., etc.

  • Thermal Protection

  • Class A, B, F, and H Insulation Systems

Industrial Applications:

  • Valve Operations

  • Hoists

  • Drill Presses

  • Lathes

  • Pumps