Military Motors

Peerless Electric has been a long term military motor supplier to the US DOD and Armed Forces. The US Navy specifies and relies on Peerless Electric Motors for various on-board applications in its nuclear-powered submarines and on surface fleet vessels.

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Our military product design knowledge and manufacturing expertise allow us to develop motors for severe service conditions such as extreme cold, high heat, heavy moisture, high shock, strong vibration, quiet operation and extreme space limitations. For example, a Peerless high response motor designed for the US Navy is ideal for turning radar antennas on ships and aircraft. Because of its light weight armature, it can reverse directions and achieve top speed in a fraction of a second.

Options and Unique Modifications:

  • All Degrees of Military Enclosures

  • Variety of Enclosures and Mountings

  • High Shock Construction

  • Super Quiet Operation

  • Integral Mounted Brakes, Tachometers, and/or Blowers

  • Radio Frequency Noise Suppression

  • Various Insulation Systems

  • Special Alloy Construction

  • Special Mounting Configurations

Industrial Applications:

  • Navy Axial Fans

  • Navy Centrifugal Fans

  • Pumps

  • Winches & Hoists

  • Fire Control Systems

  • Antenna Drives

  • Valve Operators