AC Motors – Hermetic

Peerless Electric Canned Motors have made a significant contribution to the ever growing popularity of canned pumps. This type of pump eliminates the nuisance of dynamic shaft seals and stuffing boxes.

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Our hermetically sealed motors provide silent, vibration free operation and eliminate many conventional pump limitations such as:
  • Mechanical Seal Leakage resulting in loss of solution, system pressure or vacuum

  • Corrosive Limitations

  • Excessive Floor Space

  • Excessive Maintenance

  • High Pressure Limitations

  • Alignment problems between motor stuffing box and pump


  • Hermetically sealed enclosure of rotor area obtained without use of static O-rings, gaskets, or epoxy

  • Standard units can handle liquid temperatures up to 400°F and system pressures to 600 PSI

  • Fully welded joint construction. All welds gas tested to an allowable rate of .0005 ounces / year of standard air

  • Self-alignment automatic as bearings are lubricated by the solution being pumped to keep the rotor in perfect alignment

  • Reduced noise levels

  • Required floor space approximately one-half of that needed for a conventional pump

  • Squirrel cage rotor fully encased in stainless steel

  • Back-withdrawal of stator and frame permits winding replacement without opening of pumping system

  • Our varnish and encapsulated stator windings offer maximum protection against high humidity environment

  • UL and RoHS Compliant

  • Product markings are available

Peerless AC Hermetic Motors are application engineered to meet your specific needs.

Industrial Applications

  • Chemical Processing

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Heating Systems

  • Refrigeration Systems