DC Motors – General Purpose

Peerless Electric direct current motors are custom-designed to your specifications in a wide a variety of voltages from 12 to 500 volts. These motors offer consistent performance and many years of trouble-free service.

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Class “B” is standard on all Peerless Electric integral HP motors with class “F”, “H” and “C” available. Brush holders use oversize brushes and constant-tension springs for minimum maintenance. Our motor field coils are designed to safeguard against failure due to overloading or high ambient temperature. These Peerless DC motors are available in horsepower ratings from 1/20 to 25 horsepower and frame sizes available are 4″ dia. thru 256 frame. Permanent magnet motors are available from 1/20 horsepower in the 4″ frame dia. to over 3 horsepower in the 56 frame. Peerless DC motors are available for all types of SCR motor controls, full wave, half-wave, and both 1-phase and 3-phase. Peerless Electric will custom-design a DC motor to be compatible with SCR control for the most efficient variable speed operation.


  • Simplified Design and Construction

  • Variety of Enclosures and Mountings

  • High Efficiency.

  • Generous Ventilating System.

  • Minimum Maintenance.

  • Extended Brush Life

  • Rugged Construction – Steel Field Ring – Cast Iron End Bells.

Industrial Applications:

  • Machine Tools

  • Servo Motors

  • Hoists

  • Cranes

  • Punch Presses

  • Radar Antenna Drives