Technical Design and Assistance

Peerless Electric’s engineering and technical personnel have extensive experience with motor design and development. Our staff engineers can assist you in developing a motor design solution to solve the most extreme application and have done so numerous times since our beginnings in 1893.

Our motor-sizing computer programs can help determine the optimum size for your requirements and we can offer customized motor designs to meet your specific electrical performance or mechanical requirements.

Repair Services & Support

Peerless Electric offers comprehensive repair support services for every product we sell. Our motor repair facility provides the capability to completely rebuild damaged equipment to original operating specifications – including a new, complete one year warranty on all parts and labor.

With state of the art testing, effective repair equipment and a complete inventory of 3000 parts and components, Peerless Electric is the best electric motor repair / rebuilding center in the US. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have the capability to provide a 1 to 8 week turnaround time depending on the extent of motor repair work needed. For timely, reliable, and total motor re-manufacturing, you can count on Peerless Electric.

Parts & Repair Services – Replacement Parts

Peerless Electric A.C. Stators and Rotors represent state of the art quality and engineering flexibility for partial and shell motors. Closely wound to meet stringent tolerances, our windings are given a minimum of two dips of high grade insulation varnish and baked between each dip cycle. From 1/4 to 50 HP, Peerless Electric can customize these to your needs. Our standard designs range HP in three phases, 1/4 to 10 HP in single phase, and speeds from 900 to 3600 RPM.

Available AC Induction Motor Parts include:

  • HP Range 1/4 to 50 HP

  • Max. Speed 3600 RPM