Peerless Electric manufactures exceptional military /defense-oriented products. We have a long history of supplying Military OEMs and the US DOD. Peerless Electric motors are viewed by many in the defense industry as benchmarks for performance, reliability and durability. We produce our motors to ensure successful, military mission performance.



Peerless Electric produces efficient, effective, and innovative electro-mechanical motors providing effective solutions for material handling. Our company offers a diverse range of quality motor products to OEM’s serving demanding, material handling applications.



Peerless Electric manufactures a diverse range of products for mining and drilling applications. From powerful motors running mantrip mining vehicles, to MSHA approved explosion proof motors and others powering hoists/lifts, our motor products are built to meet the demanding conditions and challenges of mining and drilling. Many mine operators and mining and drilling OEM’s rely on the quality products manufactured by Peerless Electric.



From exploration to processing, transportation and delivery, Peerless Electric’s hermetic pump motors and other petro-chemical motors help this industry maintain a continuous flow-through vital to this market. Many petro-chemical OEM’s and end-users use our pump motor products to help them insure full supply lines to their customers.



Peerless Electric manufactures pump motors used in various fossil fuels, hydro, nuclear and other alternative energy power generation systems. We manufacture a wide variety of motor products for end users and OEM’s. These companies choose Peerless Electric motor products because of our application-engineering capabilities and the quality, reliability and performance of our motors to assist them with power generation solutions.



Peerless Electric designs and manufactures superior motor products for demanding electro-mechanical, power transmission applications. OEM’s and end users know Peerless motors deliver effective performance, are designed to eliminate down-time, provide long term service and reduce costly maintenance.



Peerless Electric manufactures many critical motors for our utility equipment OEM customers. From pump motors used in wastewater treatment equipment to other Peerless Electric pump motors helping generate nuclear energy worldwide, we manufacture motor products designed to increase efficiency, while reducing costs and downtime for our utility equipment OEM’s and end users.

Peerless Electric Specific Industry Motor Applications

  • Antenna Drives

  • Automatic Welding Positioners

  • Controlled Machine Tools

  • Conveyors

  • Drill Presses and Lathes

  • Disposal Units

  • Explosion Proof Motors for underground mining, volatile gas/sensitive vaporous environments

  • Floor Maintenance Equipment

  • Hoists

  • Indexing Devices

  • Lift and Power Steering for Battery Operated Vehicles and Machines

  • Military Equipment

  • Mining Equipment – man trip mining vehicles, hoists, etc.

  • Traction Application

  • Positioning Tables

  • Pumps for AC, Chemical, Heating and Refrigeration Systems

  • Valve Operations